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My name is Addie and I love this life. If I were describing myself in three words they would be GENUINE, LOYAL  and FUN. 

You get what you see; a genuine southern girl with few surprises.

I wear designer jeans. In fact, they are my addiction. I own 42 pairs and I can’t bear to part with a single one. I love the smell of a brand new leather purse and I proudly sport my coach sunglasses. With all of that out there, you must believe me when I say, I am NOT HIGH MAINTENANCE. I will rock those designer jeans with a $10 t-shirt I picked up from my daughter’s high school , a messy ponytail and little to no makeup.  

I live on chocolate and coke. Not the healthiest of diets but it keeps me alive and full of caffeine fueled energy. I dance. It’s not always a pretty sight but I do it anyways. Dancing is good for the soul. I’m a little loud… well maybe I am just loud but it’s usually a good kind of loud. 

My family and friends are my world. I would go to the ends of the earth for the people I love. I enjoy giving back to others and my heart sings when I am able to touch someone else’s life in a way that makes them smile. 

Kayla - December 11, 2013 - 11:30 am

Hi, Could I possibly get a wedding price list emailed to me please. Thanks so much!

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