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My Face, My Job and My Brides

Just a note:

I recently received a complaint “through the grapevine” that while shooting a wedding I was a cranky b***h.  I don’t usually address complaints publicly but I’m making an exception just once.

At a wedding, I’m in a zone. I have a very important job to do and I’ve been paid in full by the time the wedding day has arrived. From the moment I enter the brides dressing area, I am working my butt off to give my BRIDE what she paid for. I put BRIDE in caps because I think so many people think I’m there working for them. I’m not. My main priority is the bride even if she’s having a bridezilla moment.

What does this mean?
For me it means I will assist if someone is interfering with the bride’s ability to enjoy her day or my ability to do my job. I’ve been known to get a little demanding with wedding party members who aren’t cooperating and guests who have repeatedly ignored my request to refrain from using a flash. After each incident, I have a quick discussion with my bride who usually appreciates my position.  I’d never be ugly or rude to a guest purposefully.
You’ve all seen the countless blogs about guests interfering with the photographer’s job, but for me the problem goes a little further. I have seen brides cry, yell, run out of a room and even consider removing someone from the wedding. I often hear their stories long before the wedding day, as I am one of the “vendors” they tend to spend the most time with prior to the wedding due to engagement and bridal sessions. The problem: a cranky bride doesn’t enjoy her wedding and she won’t enjoy the photo experience. Who wants a camera in their face when they are angry about someone not following instructions?

I, myself, could tell you hundreds of stories about portrait sessions gone array on the wedding day but what’s the point. My point here is that I am there to do a job and to ensure that my job is done effectively I will speak up for the bride and groom when necessary.

I have been told that I look angry. My mom says it, my dad says it, heck even my friends have said it. I am not angry, it’s just my face. Unfortunately, the more “in the zone” I am, the worse my resting bitchy face becomes. I have been known to roll my eyes. Yes, I know it’s awful but sometimes I don’t even know I am doing it.  I’ll admit, I really should figure out how to fix it but either way, I am not mad. I love my job. In fact, I appreciate every opportunity to shoot a wedding. It’s a passion. I am in awe every time I start a new one. I love my brides!!!

I may catch some backlash for writing this but I have decided I am ok with whatever comes my way. I have been called names and flipped off at weddings by guest and bridal party members. I have never walked out despite being in some very awkward situations. I have lots of opinions about how a wedding day should go but those are personal. As a vendor, I strive to complete my job effectively and efficiently. As an artist, I hope to do so creatively. To ensure I am able to work effectively, efficiently and creatively, I take action when action is needed to be taken. As a human, this might just be my personality.


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